Mar 06

Sibley High School is added to the event as the site for Putting, Distance, and EDGE Skills

The Sibley High School grounds will be the site for the putting and distance competitions prior to the Amateur Worlds event. We will also be including the EDGE Skills program as part of the festivities and we have the opportunity to host a mini disc golf course at the same time. This falls in to the PDGA’s request to make the field events more of a festive atmosphere.

Help us place a course in the Twin Cities

Fox Meadows Rework040208

Do you know of a great location that would hold a great course?

Is there a spot in your city that you’ve driven by for the past  x amount of years,

And every time you go by you wish there was a course right…

there!    So much that you can see yourself playing this hole or that hole??

Well, here’s your chance to see if it can come to fruition.

If this dream location is within a 30-minute ride of the I-494 & Hwy 52 intersection,

We want to talk to you!

Call us and tell us where you’re imagining a new course.

The PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships is looking to help fund an 18-hole course.  One lucky location will get targets as part payment for the local disc golf community’s effort. Be part of the crew that helped locate a course on that dream property. Let’s hear your visions of where your favorite local course should be!

Call or e-mail us today




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