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Are you a photo bug?

Looking for an activity to apply your experience??

Shoot with quality DSLR or better equipment and able to conceptualize action shots???

Have we got a job for you!

Contact John Winery at pdgaphotos@gmail.com to see if you’ve got what it takes to be one of our official photographers!


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  1. Coach Dave Pennington

    I wanna be on the volunteer list for this event please.

  2. Derek "DLUX" Lusk

    Yo D,

    You know I’m down to help with this monumental opportunity for MN disc! I don’t know how the times you need people work but during the week M-Th I am a 9-5er. I could probably reasonably expect to get all of Thursday – Sunday off so you can have me for four whole days! I would love to take on a role bigger than spotter or whatnot at Kenwood Trails DGC cause of the adoption thing (hope you’re not mad at me still ;). Give me a shout and let me know how I can help make this the coolest disc event the state has ever seen!

    Self Proclaimed Creative Director @ FlightClubDG

  3. Oldman Wallis

    Chuck has already asked Mom and I to volunteer. We usually are course directors. Mom works check in with the PDGA. I work doubles and field events with the PDGA. The tournament usually comps our hotel room. Our son Wilbur Wallis usually volunteers also, and shares a room with us. Contact me if you need more info.

  4. Javan

    I would like to help out with AM worlds next year as I don’t think I will get in enough qualifying tournaments in time to apply for registration. I would be willing to help clean up courses/get them ready for play (especially Lakewood since that is my home course). Let me know if you need any help!

  5. daniel duda

    I hope to be playing mens masters. I’m centrally located and can help at any course


  6. Don Ticknor

    Like Oldman Wallis said, I told Chuck I would help out, and I have been a course director at worlds in the past. I have reserved the week, but I am mostly available several days before and after also. I am also a “hands on” course guy who isn’t afraid to sweat in service of course improvement.

  7. John Dorn

    HI guys (Tick, Oldman) I can’t wait to work with all of you this Summer in MN. Keep your eyes peeled for some artwork coming soon from you know who.

  8. Mike Snelson

    We look forward to your involvement and appreciate your offer to help improve our courses. Hopefully we have the improvements already completed well before the event.


  9. Mike Snelson


    I look forward to seeing you here.


  10. Anthony Haberle

    Hey guys I just wanted to let you know I want to help out for the event. Let me know what you need.

  11. James McLaughlin "Sgt Mac"

    Hello — My family and I would love to volunteer during the Off tournament days. We are coming into town on Friday afternoon and are only taking part in some of the activities prior to the tournament.
    We have 2 boys who are great Go-Fers, my daughter who takes directions well.
    My wife and I who are willing to help out with just about anything we can in hopes that we will gain some additional knowledge of the courses and area prior to tournament time.
    Please contact us at 509-922-9941 or reply here with contact information to organize prior to our departure.

    Thanks — 5 Macs Disc Golf!

  12. Summer Chayer-Rustad

    I reside in South St. Paul. I would like to volunteer for this event. Please let me know or send me a copy of the requirments and an itinerary if available of the current volunteer positions available or needed.

    Thank you,


  13. Mike Snelson

    I would love to talk to you. Please call me at Fairway Flyerz, 651-484-5035 and I’ll put you in contact with our volunteer coordinator

  14. John Whinery


    If you are going to be at the 2014 Amateur World Championships please contact me (photos@pdga.com) ASAP because we need people with a DSLR and telephoto lens to help with on course player photography.

    We need folks every day to be at different courses to help get the leading players in action. If you can help even for a day let us know.


    Photo Editor – PDGA Discgolfer magazine.

  15. Jeff Kemna

    I’d love to shoot. Contact me ASAP. 612-210-7171

  16. Jeff Kemna

    Hi Mike;

    I’m a pro / am photographer who is excited to help out all week. Call or email me ASAP, anytime – day or night. p.s., I’ve got a cool inside human interest story to share with you.



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